Microgripe: A Silly List

Autocropley ran this list some time back: “The market didn’t want these cars but you should”, it writes. 

1989 Citroen, officially a classic: oppositelock.kinja.com

So, it works like this: they jeer at these cars when they are new and when they are rare and used Autocar tells us how jolly good they are. It can’t be both (the list included the XM, the Scorpio, Rover 75 V8 estate, Volvo S80 V8 and Renault Espace Quadra and Opel Zafira VXR and 607). Continue reading “Microgripe: A Silly List”

Gorfe’s Granadas:1996 Scorpio 2.3 Ultima

The Granada name retired but its spirit lived on in Ford’s stunning Scorpio, writes executive classics editor, Myles Gorfe.

1996 Ford Scorpio 2.3 Ultima: autotrader.co.uk
1996 Ford Scorpio 2.3 Ultima: autotrader.co.uk

Quite why the Blue Oval decided to put the Granada name out to pasture is a much discussed point in Ford circles. Whatever the reason, the car that replaced it was every bit as good as its predecessors. In 1994 Ford ended a long run for the Granada and renamed its top-line executive cruiser the Scorpio. Self-levelling suspension came in for the estates and the hatchback was canned – not a problem as the style didn’t suit Granny’s exclusive image. Continue reading “Gorfe’s Granadas:1996 Scorpio 2.3 Ultima”