Rubbernecking the Pontiac Aztek

The last example of an automotive mudge that we looked at was the Ssang Yong Rodius of 2004. In comparison with the 2001 Pontiac Aztek, it’s almost good.

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As part of some other research I did a visual analysis of the Aztek. The quintet shows the car as it is, the vertically stacked confusion, the two conflicting  themes and a detail look at the shutline horror at the front. An interview I found with Bob Lutz revealed that prior to the Aztek GM had decided to ensure 40% of their cars were innovative. Without needing a degree in philosophy you can see how this kind of planned spontaneity is self-contradicting.  Continue reading “Rubbernecking the Pontiac Aztek”

2004 Ssang Yong Rodius design Notes II

Further to comments today, I looked in detail at the ‘flying bridge’. The groove running parallel to the rear door frame is part of the problem but really is a little problem on top of a heap of more fundamental ones. 

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The last image shows the most basic interpretation of the boxy package with a simple D-pillar. What else could they have done? Much more could have been done with the rear lamps. They could have been vertical, for example. Continue reading “2004 Ssang Yong Rodius design Notes II”