Start at the End

The current KA+ is a dispiriting sight for those who appreciated the original’s daring style. Today, we consider lost causes in the form of the 2010 Start concept.

2010 Ford Start. Image Credit: carbodydesign

Presenting a plausible and attractive evolution of the Ur-KA silhouette, Start came out of Ford’s Californian design centre, allegedly as a conceptual piece of blue sky thinking. Designed by Jeff Nield under the supervision of Freeman Thomas, Start debuted at the 2010 Beijing motor show, touted as a technology trailblazer for the blue oval.

A delightfully organic, podlike shape, the stylistic homages to the original 1996 KA are abundant, especially in the shaping and treatment of the Continue reading “Start at the End”

2010 Ford Start

With a few changes this little car might have made a much better Ka than the drab little oyster they actually sold.

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It’s the 2010 Ford Start which majored on efficiency and was shown at the Beijing Motor Show. Personally I dislike the C-pillar treatment, something of a theme of mine recently so I roughly changed it to show something less fragile and ill-considered. Continue reading “2010 Ford Start”