Born in the USA

The Euro-pick-up truck is unwell.

FORD Ranger. Image: What Car

Broadly speaking, we have a good deal to thank our American neighbours for in automotive terms, notwithstanding of course, the fact that some influences have been better received than others. Nevertheless, the automobile evolved more rapidly, and improved in ways we could scarcely have imagined largely due to US market forces. For instance, the modern styling studio was very much an American innovation, and it’s probably fair to say that nobody did more to Continue reading “Born in the USA”

Pick-Up Lines

Or lines about pick-up trucks. 

2016 Ford Wildtrack:
2016 Ford Wildtrack:

There has been some debate here about commercial vehicles. I for one know absolutely nothing about the subject so I thought I’d take a look at some of what’s on sale. I decided to focus on pick-up trucks because it made for a good headline. The first port of call is Ford’s Commercial vehicles department where Ford stock the Ranger pick-up. Among the more workaday versions there is a dramatically loaded version called the Wildtrak. Now, I would love to know why Ford’s website is so obtuse.  With my limited patience I found the easiest way to Continue reading “Pick-Up Lines”