Direct Current

Two new battery electric cars. Two vastly different visual offers. Any real difference? 

Hyundai IONIQ 5. (c) Hyundai UK

Electrification brooks no resistance. Legislative mandates have made it so, and as successive national governments fall into step, the current is running in one direction only. Nevertheless, for those of us who Continue reading “Direct Current”

Can We Really Stand In Silence? Oh, We Can My Love

Recently we posted an article about a concept car from GFG Design and we didn’t much like it. So, asked reader Adrian Tebby, what do we like? And why?

2012 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante: Touring Superleggera

Even if this article might end up being a bit of a restatement, we might get to extract some general attributes of a worthwhile design. I have taken a little while to think about recent cars so if they are here again they can be judged in a broader context and over a longer time. In a sense this article is a “best of” the concept designs we’ve been writing about for the last few years.

The Alfa Romeo by Touring Superleggera of 2012 is the first example that we swivel around to and face head on. That 2012 is now a bit of a while back is not that important so much as it was the first car to Continue reading “Can We Really Stand In Silence? Oh, We Can My Love”

Awakening the New

Re-engagement with a previous (and prescient) concept leads us to speculate on Kia’s latest Frankfurt show offering.

Remember this? 2015 Kia Novo. Image:

When KIA announced the Novo concept at the 2015 Seoul motor show, it passed without much by way of comment in the mainstream press – although Driven to Write’s resident design critic did give it the benefit of his gimlet eye. At the time, Kia appeared to suggest that the Novo’s styling would influence its forthcoming compact car line-up, a statement nobody took very seriously at the time. Continue reading “Awakening the New”

Design Notes: 2015 Kia Novo Concept Car

Recently DTW was on the hunt for a green car. Kia have kindly offered one in a nice grey-green. But that’s not the only good part. The car is the Novo. DTW presents this design analysis so you can sound knowledgeable when the subject comes up.

2015 Kia Novo. Image: That´s a good website. They didn´t take an Easter holiday so they reported this 6 days ago. I am rested though, and they are not.
2015 Kia Novo. Image: That’s a good website. They didn’t take an Easter holiday so they reported this 6 days ago. I am rested though, and they are not.

Kia chose the Seoul Auto show to present this excellent design. Either they want to upgrade the Seoul show by giving it morsels one might expect to see presented elsewhere. Or, they have underestimated the quality of this design.

The only factual element of the design is that it is Continue reading “Design Notes: 2015 Kia Novo Concept Car”