Theme: Porsche – Cheaper by the Million

Zuffenhausen recently celebrated production of the millionth 911. How the heck did that happen?

Image: autobahnhound

Let’s allow this one sink in for a moment. A million 911s. It’s a staggering achievement for a car that should never have lived as long, much less become the default ‘usable performance car’, given an inherently unbalanced mechanical layout considered retrograde even by mid-Sixties standards. Thought: could it have been a reaction to the original 911’s propensity to Continue reading “Theme: Porsche – Cheaper by the Million”

Porsche: tuning and badges

Nothing but pure curiosity drove me to this. What sort of engine range does Porsche have? We had an interesting theme on engines some months back. We covered a lot of ground such as the engines of the mainstream makers and a special focus on quints, small V6s, rough American fours and French ones generally. What we didn´t do was look at sports cars like Porsche for whom the engine is essential to their credibility. Sorting this out sorts out their baffling range of cars too.

2015 Porsche Boxster GTS.
2015 Porsche Boxster GTS.

Porsche have seven models now, goodness me. If you ´d have asked I´d have said five and been hard pressed to name all of them.  In the showroom you will find the Boxster, Cayman, 911, 918, Panamera , Macan and Cayenne. The 918 won´t be in the showroom unless it´s used but it´s still listed at the UK website for some reason. Four are obvious sports cars with either two seats or a 2+2 layout; one is a four door saloon and there are two SUVs.

What I found out is that for Porsche every engine variant is deemed worthy of a model designation. This is not quite like, say, Renault where you have a Megane in several engine and trim variants: 1.8 dCi  in Expression Plus trim**. It´s not like BMW where the Continue reading “Porsche: tuning and badges”