Like the Light Touch of a Spanish Festoon’s Wingtips On Your Cheek

Every four years Toyota has a go at doing a new version of a really exceptional large saloon and tries to make it better every time. From whence might this drive for revision emerge?

1995-1999 Toyota Crown Super Saloon (S150) in Hong Kong (2022).

The curious aspect of this unending drive to produce a really good, straightforward car is that the results can be deceptively plain. I had to Continue reading “Like the Light Touch of a Spanish Festoon’s Wingtips On Your Cheek”

From Within Outside Turns Upside Down

It’s Tokyo Motor Show Time again. There is so much to discuss. Recently we politely drew your attention to the new Toyota Century. Crouched at the other end of the spectrum from that is the Fine Comfort Ride concept. It’s not real, it’s not petrol driven, it’s not very square at all. 

2017 Toyota Fine Comfort Ride: source

The powertrain of this Toyota sets up the framework for this concept car which has strong points and a major weak point. The fuel-cell arrangement allowed the designers to have another go at re-defining the luxury car: a flat floor, a short nose and a wheel at each corner so lots of room can be crammed inside. From a creative point of view, the freedom from the constraints of the RWD petrol-engined three-box saloon should mean a chance to be a bit daring. On first examination, I want to Continue reading “From Within Outside Turns Upside Down”