Cross Town Traffic

Guess what’s driving new car sales across Europe?

Now 331.8% more popular. Image:

Recently we looked at the sales performance for the European premium midsize segment for the year to June, which threw up little by way of surprise to say anything of delight. So today in hope of better fare we’re focusing on the broader European sales figures for the year to August, courtesy of Despite recent political turmoil across the region, the underlying trend continues to be upwards (for now at least) and unsurprisingly, the usual suspects remain locked in the top spots – notwithstanding some gratuitous rearranging of deckchairs. Continue reading “Cross Town Traffic”

Can’t You Just Let It Go?

Ford’s recent ad-campaign urges us to let go of what we know about the Blue Oval. It seems to be working, but maybe not as intended.

This is no ordinary test drive… Image: macklinmotors

Superficially at least, Ford’s European fortunes appear resurgent, but leaving aside corporate spin and fatuous ad campaigns, there’s little substitute for a bit of hard data. So with this (and those commercials) in mind, it might be worth looking at Ford’s first quarter European sales figures to see what, if anything can be read from the metaphorical tea leaves. And sure enough, with two model lines holding top spot in their respective sectors, three in third place, and five individual lines posting notable percentage gains, there are reasons to be cheerful in Merkenich. Continue reading “Can’t You Just Let It Go?”