Theme: Secondhand – Old Car Magazines

Far better than owning an old car is owning a lot of old car magazines. You can buy them for about the same price as a new magazine but they are miles more absorbing. They take up less space than an old car too.

Second hand car magazines - Autocar 1974
Second hand car magazines – Autocar 1974

One of the pleasures of buying a new car magazine is imagining what it might be like to drive some of the overpriced, over-sized and over-complicated space rockets that fill their pages. And that’s about it. There’s not much else in these magazines since the explanatory role of car journalism has gone the way of the BBC’s old aim of entertaining, informing and educating. It’s all entertainment now. If you want news go to Automotive News which is free. That’s a great site.

In stark contrast, old magazines such as the one shown here let you Continue reading “Theme: Secondhand – Old Car Magazines”