Crossed Over

The recent crop of new models coming from Munich inevitably leads to a simple question: What on Earth has been going on at BMW in recent years?

 Backside design, photo (c)

Ever since the Neue Klasse reinvented and saved the brand, BMW could only ever, leaving matters such as personal taste aside, be described as assertive.

Assertively conservative insofar as an adherence to driven rear wheels, straight six engines and the evolution of the themes established by the Neue Klasse were concerned. Assertively daring when it comes to Continue reading “Crossed Over”

The Vision Thing

Reassessing Chris Bangle’s BMW Legacy.

Chris Bangle. Image credit: Innovation Management

Only a handful of individuals shape what we drive and by dint, what populates our streets and driveways. Our Eurocentric notions of automotive style were formed during the 1950s in the styling studios of the Italian carrozzeri, who fired imaginations and rendered dreams in hand-beaten alloy. For decades these designers and artisans were faceless men but during the 1980’s, the car designer emerged from obscurity and into the consciousness of the auto-literate. Continue reading “The Vision Thing”