Bruto Bello

An anachronistic brute in finely tailored Italian couture, the 1968 Ferrari 365GTB/4 successfully transcended its fin de siècle status.

Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Berlinetta (Daytona). Image: (c)

Sometimes mythology and fine tailoring cloaks a less than fully rounded motor car. This is especially true of the products of Maranello, prized for their exclusivity, competition-bred spirit, and in many (if not all) cases, a strong visual allure. The 1968 365 GTB/4 combines a good number of those positive traits yet was regarded in its day as something of an anachronism – also coming up slightly short on the pure aesthetic side of the equation. Yet it is now amongst the most revered of its breed. How is this so? Continue reading “Bruto Bello”

Two Fingered Salute

In 1987, Maranello went back to its roots, launching the precursor to today’s track-bound limited edition wonders. But in looking to the past, was F40 the modern Ferrari of all?

Weapons grade material. Image: fastestlaps

The Ferrari F40 is a car that brooks no ambivalence. Like the company’s founder and imperator, F40 is indifferent to the notion that you might find it vulgar, somewhat silly, a virtually unusable statement of machismo and status, because it’s all of those things and a great deal more besides. Because, perhaps more than anything, F40 remains the essence of Enzo. Continue reading “Two Fingered Salute”