A Nubar Brougham

Of late DTW has taken a liking to the term ‘brougham’ with our interpretation of it deriving from its use in the post-War US motor industry.

image : bonhams.com
image : bonhams.com

A true, horse-drawn brougham from the 19th Century was an upright carriage, reasonably compact and nimble, with enclosed and comfortable seating for two in the rear, facing forward, leaving a view ahead through glass of the driver and footman exposed to the elements on a raised front seat. In the earlier days of motoring, the transition was quite faithful but, as with other terms from the coachbuilding industry, such as landau, coupe de ville and cabriolet, it began being used more for its classy sound than for its strict adherence to a traditional template. Continue reading “A Nubar Brougham”

Theme : Evolution – The Missing Links 7

The Useless Estate Car

Rover Estora 2
Image : http://www.mbclub.co.uk

Today there are quite a few contenders for that dubious accolade, possible exemplified best by the Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake. The idea of tacking a glassy, generous box onto the boot of a saloon, maybe even lengthening it a bit, in order to make something supremely useful just isn’t sexy in the 21st Century. People don’t want to be thought of as saddoes, who are only at their happiest bustling around B&Q with a groaning trolley of timber flooring. No, their lifestyle choices are better and, whilst they might need a bit of added loadspace for windsurfer accoutrements, old school golf clubs or just to fit in an extra Louis Vuitton hatbox, it’s important that the car doesn’t look in the least bit practical. Continue reading “Theme : Evolution – The Missing Links 7”