Gorfe’s Granadas: 2.8 Ghia Estate Automatic

Myles Gorfe on some of the highlights of the Ford Granada’s career. In this item, Myles considers one of the 80s’ best load luggers, the 2.8 litre Ghia estate.

1983 Ford Granada it its biggest and best: carandclassic.co.uk
1983 Ford Granada at its biggest and best: carandclassic.co.uk

Forget Volvo estates with their boxy looks. And you can forget Mercedes’ over-priced hearses. The 1977-1985 Granada ticked all the boxes: big, fast, comfortable and well-priced. It had more room than the Volvo 240 and Vauxhall didn’t even offer a serious alternative at any price. Citroen’s CX was a technical disaster on four wheels. Peugeot’s 505 was plain ugly and handled like a tugboat in a storm. Continue reading “Gorfe’s Granadas: 2.8 Ghia Estate Automatic”