Comfort Food

Catch a Crown Comfort while you still can.

Tokyo Taxi. Image (c) The Author

In what now seem like very distant times, procuring the services of a taxi in New York would inevitably see one on the vinyl-clad rear seat of either a big yellow Checker, later a Chevrolet Caprice Classic or Ford Crown Victoria, whereas in swinging London an Austin FX4 “black cab” or its similar looking successors.

Nowadays virtually all these once ubiquitous vehicles have been succeeded by more modern, cleaner, more efficient but at the same time also much less characterful replacements. The minor sense of occasion one experienced as a tourist has gone as well since Toyota Prii and such now Continue reading “Comfort Food”

A Nubar Brougham

Of late DTW has taken a liking to the term ‘brougham’ with our interpretation of it deriving from its use in the post-War US motor industry.

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A true, horse-drawn brougham from the 19th Century was an upright carriage, reasonably compact and nimble, with enclosed and comfortable seating for two in the rear, facing forward, leaving a view ahead through glass of the driver and footman exposed to the elements on a raised front seat. In the earlier days of motoring, the transition was quite faithful but, as with other terms from the coachbuilding industry, such as landau, coupe de ville and cabriolet, it began being used more for its classy sound than for its strict adherence to a traditional template. Continue reading “A Nubar Brougham”